Martech Insider: Focus on Audiense

Martech Insider: Focus on Audiense

August 23, 2019

Audiense: Understand the audiences that matter to your business!

For our Newsletter Martech Insider, each month Saas Advisor interviews the CTO of a tool that deserves to be better known. In May 2019, we choose to focus on Audiense, the profiling and consumer insights tool. For this Interview of Audiense by Saas Advisor, Carlos Serra, Corporate Development Director answered our questions.

Hi Carlos,

What is your positioning? What business problems do you solve?
The audience intelligence platform Audiense democratizes audience insights by enabling:

  • Innovative organizations to understand and apply the power of audience segmentation and insights.
  • The reinvention of social data as a strategic tool used to improve business/marketing strategy relevance and deliver results.
  • The disruption of unit economics & speed to deliver rich, insights at scale in consumer research
  • Organizations to develop an audience-centric approach to market research and marketing strategy

Which are Audiense functionalities’?
Audiense has two products with different functionalities: Audiense Insightsand Audiense Connect.

  • Audiense Insights applies machine learning in order to instantly understand who makes up any target audience, by analyzing connections between the individuals that shape it. It allows brands to go beyond traditional segmentation based on age, gender and location, by discovering new segments based on people’s interests and understand their current target market at a deeper level.
  • Audiense Connect enables our clients to use the world’s richest audience insights to build and explore communities, identify audiences and engage directly on Twitter at scale, through Community analysis & management, Advanced monitoring & listening, Twitter tailored audiences for advertising and Twitter Direct Messages Chatbots.

What is your killer feature?
We have a killer product overall, not just a killer feature: Audiense Insights. It enables brands to utilise social data to understand the audiences that matter most. We empower organisations to intelligently engage individuals at an unprecedented scale, through audience identification and segmentation, influencer identification, personality insights, media strategy and data export.

With which other tools can Audiense be plugged?
Our insights can be plugged into any advertising platform including Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Audiense is also integrated with Pulsar, the most advanced social listening platform. The integration enables brands to connect audience insights and segmentation with social data conversations, trends and narratives. With a well-rounded selection of insights, we are providing the starting point for creative content, tailored pitches and marketing strategies.

What are your onboarding processes?
We include mandatory onboarding for all Audiense Insights customers in order to provide users with the best experience whilst ensuring they are able to extract maximum value from the product. These onboarding sessions usually include 1–10 sessions depending on the plan and the number of users.

How do you support your customers?
We have a Customer Success and a Support team that guide clients from the beginning. Our customer team not only shows the users how to use the platform effectively but also how to tackle strategic objectives in the long run. Our clients have access to a Help Centre/userguide, success stories of major brands and agencies, annotated reports, ebooks and webinars.

Which are your objectives for 2019?
Our main objective is clear: the continuous international expansion of Audiense Insights through partnerships and direct sales to brands, which currently grow by 10% on average and to:

  • Generate faster reports for most common use cases
  • Improve the UX for easy navigation, discoverability and readability
  • Improve the actionability and better connection with activation platforms

How do you see your market’s future?
From the point of view of social/audience intelligence platforms, we see that the future is in the integration of different services and providers, to offer the richest information extractable to the client in the most user friendly way possible. Being able to use different data sets from different providers in a single platform is something that customers ask for frequently. From a ‘brands’ point of view, the present (not the future) is that they are increasingly focused on the consumer, on deeper personalization and on the CX. Companies that are able to understand their audience segments, their distinct interests, behaviour, influencers, media consumption, etc. will be the ones to lead innovation within any industry.


  • Founded in: 2011
  • Location(s): UK and Spain
  • Number of employees: 25
  • Shift split (Sales, Developers, Support, Marketing…): Engineering / Product / Commercial (Marketing, Sales and Customer Success) / Management
  • Number of customers: 1000+
  • Customer typology (Key Accounts, SMEs, Agency…): Big brands such as FOX Sports, Puma, DHL, Twitter and Carlsberg… and agencies, such as Havas, Digitas and Kantar
  • French clients: Lagardere, The Metrics Factory, SMG Agency and Reputation Squad
  • Main Competitors: Affinio, Global Web Index

Thanks Carlos for answering our questions about Audiense for Saas Advisor!

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