Saas Advisor: our operations at the service of brands

At Saas Advisor, we believe that marketing, digital and communications professionals need greater clarity when it comes to the software they use to implement their strategies. Social Data being one of our areas of expertise, we have created several communication operations around these technologies, with the aim of enlightening the market.

Here are our two operations to date:



In 2019, Saas-Advisor organized the first "Marketing Technology Challenges" dedicated to Social Listening software. The aim of this initiative was to compare in depth the best Social Listening solutions on the market, and thus provide brands with key insights.

First, we audited the market and interviewed over 100 different players. We then carried out a "features versus features" comparison of the main players. But we also analyzed their positioning and development paths, the size of each in terms of sales and number of customers, their ability to support and integrate with other tools and data sources.

We have thus produced a market study and a comprehensive ranking of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the best social listening solutions.

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Convinced that Social Rooms (also known as Social Hubs, Data Rooms...) are the new 2.0 centers of excellence for customer relationship management, we have launched the website, where you'll find interviews with the people in charge of these systems at several major groups (Orange, Pierre Fabre, EDF, Transilien...).

Various crucial issues are discussed: objectives, methodologies, use cases and, of course, the technologies used. Our aim with the Social Room Inside project is to highlight the features, identify best practices and discuss the challenges.

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