Martech Insider: Focus on Tagger Media

Martech Insider: Focus on Tagger Media

December 06, 2019

For our Newsletter Martech Insider, each month Saas Advisor interviews an editor that deserves to be better known. In December 2019, we choose to focus on Tagger, an end-to-end influencer marketing solution. For this Interview, Diogo Felippelli CMO, answered our questions.

Hi Diogo,
What is your positioning? What business problems do you solve with Tagger?

Tagger is an end-to-end influencer marketing solution platform that allows brands, agencies, and media companies to efficiently discover talent, and plan, activate and report their campaigns and initiatives. Tagger allows our partners to maximize their influencer marketing campaigns and strategies by giving them full control and an easy-to-use tool. 

Which are the Tagger functionalities’?

Tagger is a data-driven, all-in-one platform. We set brands up for success across all stages of their influencer strategies. 

  • Plan & Discover: Discover the perfect influencers for your campaigns with our massive database of 3.5M+ influencers, 165K+ brands, and 9B+ posts.
  • Research & Analyze: Measure & benchmark social engagement, compare and research competitors, understand your audience and uncover content insights.
  • A Full CRM Suite: A full CRM solution that lets you connect with influencers and activate campaigns with on-platform contracts, all while maintaining control every step of the way.
  • Modular Reports: Easily track campaign success and generate full modular campaign reports, with the ability to focus on the data points that matter most to you.

What are your strengths?

  • The most powerful Influencer Marketing platform (that’s actually easy to use!): Our data-driven platform has a beautiful, user-friendly UI that makes your entire process faster, easier, and more efficient while giving you amazing results.
  • Unlimited Relationships, Unlimited Searches, Unlimited Possibilities: We offer you unlimited access to the platform’s data, unlimited searches and an unlimited number of campaigns you can create on the platform. 
  • Insights that really make a difference for your influencer strategies: Exclusive access to billions of data points allows users to plan the perfect campaign strategy, research competitors, understand their audience and more!
  • High-quality data for high-quality results: Our powerful, intuitive search tool allows you to apply 50+ filters to our massive influencer database, exclusive affinity data points, and billions of historical posts to hone in on the perfect creator for any campaign. 
  • Maintain a personal touch, at scale, with a workflow that makes sense: Our CRM suite allows you to reach and engage with creators, submit and sign contracts, approve content and more with an all-in-platform campaign workflow.
  • Your results, your report, your way: Analyze and report the metrics that matter most (and leave out the ones that don’t!) with Tagger’s fully customizable modular reporting tool.
  • Enterprise-Level Customer Support: All our clients have 24/7 access to our first-in-class Customer Success team. Whether we’re taking you through our seamless onboarding experience, offering technical support, or just answering general questions, we’re here to help! 

What are your onboarding processes?

The onboarding process with Tagger takes 24h. After signing up with Tagger, you will be assigned one of our awesome Customer Success managers that will help you with onboarding, migrate your data for you if needed, and schedule training to you and your team. 

How do you support your customers?

Tagger offers an enterprise-level, personal Customer Success support team to all our clients. When you sign up with Tagger, a CS manager is assigned to you and your team. They will help you with everything from the onboarding process, to training, and any questions you have along the way. 

Which are your objectives for 2020?

For 2020, we at Tagger are on a mission to keep improving and developing new features that will help our partners to develop, activate and succeed across all their influencer marketing needs. Our focus has always been on providing customers with the best possible data so they can make informed decisions. One big platform update we’re particularly excited about is our authenticity feature; we’re now giving our customers much more detailed ways to measure influencer authenticity to protect them from fraud.

How do you see your market’s future?

With 8.5 billion in spending this year and a projected 15 billion in spending by 2022, there’s no doubt that Influencer Marketing is the future of advertising. More and more we’re seeing brands across all verticals and industries embracing the power of influencers to drive real growth, increase sales, and better awareness. We want to be the tool that helps them succeed in this ever-growing landscape.

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About Tagger:

Founded in: 2016

U.S. (Los Angeles / Chicago / Austin / New York)
Canada (Toronto)
England & EMEA (London / Singapore / Zurich / Krakow / Brazil / France / Australia)
Number of employees:
Main Competitors:
CreatorIQ, Traackr, Hyper, Julius, Grin

Thanks Diogo for your time and responses!

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