Nos conseils pour gérer vos logiciels à moindre coût

Our tips for cost-effective software management

July 13, 2023

Here is the replay of a webinar we conducted in May 2023 as part of Adetem's Data and AI club.
We were joined by François Gougeons from Vertice (SaaS Management solution) and Benoit Martin, CEO of DigiObs, a B2B digital marketing agency.

Companies are increasingly using SaaS software to carry out their day-to-day tasks. Professionals, whether in charge of operations or management, often lack visibility over the tools they are paying for, which can lead to difficulties: misuse of tools, overpayments or even the purchase of duplicate tools (or very similar ones in the same segment).

In this webinar, find out:
- Why business leaders need better visibility of their existing technology ecosystem (stack)
- How to pay less for technology
- How to improve the procurement process to save time

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