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Governance and Planning
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Quality control
Tool selection
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Social Data evangelization
Data Collection
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Data interpretation and reporting
Data analysis and migration
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Optimization and continuous improvement
Multi-software integration
Stakeholder management

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Our vocation is to understand our customers' business challenges, to take a step back and we are certified in several tools, so we are regularly involved in cross-functional missions, involving several software packages, several data sources and several stakeholders. We help our customers to make informed choices in terms of equipment, and manage the deployment of the chosen solutions.
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Project Management Officer

"Ensure smooth project execution through planning, progress monitoring, resource management and effective communication between stakeholders."

The role of a Project Management Officer (PMO) may vary depending on the organization and project requirements, but here are the main common tasks associated with this position:

– Project planning

– Project governance

– Project tracking and reporting

– Resource management

– Risk management

– Communication and stakeholder management

– Quality assurance

– Training and mentoring

Overall, PMOs strive to streamline project execution, increase project success rates and improve overall project management practices within an organization. Specific tasks and responsibilities may vary, but the role generally involves providing support, guidance and supervision to ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the required quality standards.

Social Listening Consultant

"Monitor and analyze online publications to gather insights about the brand, its products and better understand customer sentiments. Make data-driven decisions and effectively manage online reputation."

A social listening consultant specializes in monitoring and analyzing online conversations and social media platforms to gather information about brands, products, trends and customer sentiments. Main tasks include:

– Strategy development

– Selection and implementation of tools

– Data collection and analysis

– Sentiment analysis

– Competitor analysis

– Idea generation

– Stakeholder communication

– Crisis management and problem identification

– Ongoing monitoring and reporting

– Industry and market knowledge

Overall, the main tasks of a social listening consultant revolve around data collection, analysis and idea generation to help organizations understand their online presence, customer sentiment and market dynamics. Their expertise enables companies to make informed decisions, improve customer engagement and effectively manage their online reputation.

Consultant CRM

"Helping organizations implement and optimize customer relationship management (CRM) systems to improve customer relationships and drive business growth."

A CRM (customer relationship management) consultant is responsible for helping organizations implement and optimize CRM systems to improve customer relations and drive business growth. The main tasks of a CRM consultant are generally as follows:

– Needs assessment

– System selection and implementation

– Data analysis and migration

– Process mapping and workflow design

– Training and user adoption

– Customization and configuration

– Data analysis and reporting

– Continuous improvement and optimization

– Integration with other systems

– Stakeholder management and support

In summary, the main tasks of a CRM consultant are to understand business needs, select and implement CRM systems, optimize processes, train users, analyze data and provide ongoing support to improve CRM within an organization.

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