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Marketing and technologies: the Saas Advisor teams can help you meet your software, data and process challenges.

RFI & RFP management
Definition of very precise functional criteria grids
Identification of software providers (positioning, customers, budgets...)
Stakeholder alignment (Business, IT, Legal, Purchasing, etc.)
Setting parameters and structuring data
Training teams to meet their needs
Evangelization for broad internal adoption
Defining new use cases for business
A clear vision of SaaS tools for efficiency
Better data control: security and compliance
Synergy: harmonizing internal processes and practices
Establish a software and data governance policy
Steering strategic projects: a data-driven approach
Optimizing a software package within an organization
Creating the right combination of tools and data integration
Organizational set-up, workflow validation

Our Services

We help you get the most out of your data and technology to maximize your results. We work with a variety of organizations in France and abroad, adapting to their structures, needs, and budgets.
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Guidance in the selection process and management of Request for Proposal (RFP)

"We source your future software and onboard all relevant departments"

Our guidance in the selection of a new software allows our clients to save precious time in identifying the most suitable options. Our marketing technologists have a perfect knowledge of the market and the solutions we recommend.

In addition, our extensive expertise allows us to create and deliver extremely precise and functional evaluations in order to best meet your needs.

We have taken the lead on many RFP’s for different organizations. To this effect, we guarantee the processes and timing, we help clarify any hidden points, and we facilitate the alignment of the different players within the company (sales, IT, purchasing, legal) necessary for the final decision.

Implementation and training of new software

"Structure your data, implement tailor-made solutions, and guarantee the long-term adoption of the tools"

Our marketing technologists are specialized in software implementation. We are partners and certified on about fifteen leading solutions.

Always taking into account your objectives and your constraints, we configure your tools and help you structure and utilize your data in the most efficient way possible. We accompany you from the operational phase up until the creation of dashboards that can be activated and utilized by all of your teams.

Our training process c an cover several different softwares or modules, and are customly designed for your audience. We always base our training on specific use cases that are in line with your needs. We use real-life scenarios and situations to facilitate onboarding and ensure wide-spread adoption of the tool(s), so you can learn how to use the tool more quickly.

Cost optimization and SaaS Management

"Have a clear vision of your tools’ internal use in order to make the right decisions!"

We often find that the purchase of a specific software is the result of a unilateral decision (of a department, a country, or a subsidiary…), and that each of these entities can make a different choice. This makes it difficult to find a sense of harmony within the enterprise, and for the other parties involved (IT, Legal, Purchasing…) to fully play their roles.

Having a cross-functional and global view of all the software used in an organization has become a major challenge. Within large enterprises, Saas Management has become essential, (especially in times of crisis) because it enables all departments involved in the purchase and integration of software to be in sync. It also facilitates the harmonization of internal guidelines and usage, to allow for better control of data and budgets.

We co-construct your software and data governance policy allowing you to respond to different challenges like more security for IT and more compliance for both Purchasing and Legal.

Strategy and digital transformation

"Adopt a data-driven approach and find the best tools to help your projects succeed" »

Our team works with several large organizations as a leading partner in the construction and optimization of all marketing software used within the company. We are specialized in the integration and the compatibility between tools and data.

Your strategic projects are intrinsically linked to the technologies you use. We advise you on how to find the right tools to match your goals:

Customer knowledge, prediction & attribution, customer experience, customer journey, customer voice, Social Room…

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