Social Media Tools: Deployment & Adoption


  1. Banking / Insurance
  2. Luxury watchmaking
  3. FMCG

1. Banking / Insurance

"Be reassured about the ability of our Social Room tools to meet our expectations, in terms of Data collection and usage possibilities."

2. Luxury watchmaking

"How to globally monitor conversations around our products and luxury watches in general, and be reactive on the best information."


"Making sure our Community Managers make the most of the Social Media Management tool to meet their customer response and satisfaction targets, and creating the right indicators and tracking screens."

Our added value:

Start from the business challenges and use cases desired by users, to align them as closely as possible with the tool's capabilities.


  • Interviewing different users, gathering their needs and understanding their use cases
  • Evaluation of usage and identification of areas for optimization
  • Audit of old tool settings
  • Hard parameterization of new tools and before/after comparisons
  • Creation of customized monitoring screens
  • Delivery of a Guidelines/roadmap document with our recommendations
  • Organization of training sessions based on validated use cases and adapted to all audiences
  • Follow-up of users' first steps


✔ Greater confidence in the tool's ability to collect the right data

✔ Better-structured and standardized usage, harmonized between different teams

✔ More direct access to insights, more efficient internal information sharing

✔ Average response time to customer queries greatly improved

✔ More effective managerial monitoring of Social Media Management performance

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