Assistance in selecting new marketing software


  1. Luxury & Haute Couture
  2. FMCG
  3. Insurance Group
  4. Wines & Spirits

1. Luxury & Haute Couture

"Is the intelligence tool we've been using for several years still the best one to meet our future challenges, in terms of Data and access to insights?"


"After several years with our partner, we want to anticipate the renewal of the contract by identifying the functional weaknesses compared with their competitors, and therefore the areas for negotiation."

3. Insurance group

"As part of the merger of 3 entities into a single insurance group, we want to overhaul our social networking strategy and processes, using common tools".

4. Wines & Spirits

"Learn more about the latest tools and innovative technologies to help our Research / Marketing Research teams."

Our added value:

We have extensive experience of software tenders (also on the publisher side). We have also developed highly detailed evaluation grids for several types of publisher, where the criteria are weighted according to the objectives specific to each brand.


  • Study of existing forces (publishers) in a given market
  • Definition of group objectives and requirements
  • Audit of internal practices
  • Definition of a hierarchical criteria grid
  • Establish a short-list of potential service providers
  • Manage the tender process
  • Customer / Candidate relationship management
  • Integration of recommendations from all departments
  • Evaluation of proposals received
  • Organization of orals/presentations
  • Budget negotiation


✔ Save time in dealing with publishers

✔ Demystification of the complexity of a software segment and reduction in perceived risk

✔ Better understanding of a market and in-depth knowledge of publishers and forces at play

✔ No grey areas at the end of the process, knowledge of risks/benefits, informed choice

✔ Better control of final budget, savings of between 30% and 50% compared with initial approaches

✔ Future operational processes verified and adaptable to the chosen tool

✔ DATA collected and potential insights corresponding to the Group's strategic expectations

✔ Convergence of the organization's stakeholders (business, IT, purchasing, legal) on the final choice and the chosen solution

Have you defined a need and would like to acquire a particular type of tool (CRM, Marketing Automation, Social Media...)? Would you like to rechallenge your current software provider?

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