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Implementation & Adoption of Social Media Tools

We have helped implement (or reimplement) several social media tools for a variety of large companies, in industries such as luxury and insurance. 

When we talk about integration, we are referring to the strategic configuration of a software and the training of teams who use the software. Ultimately, it is a mission to allow for a better utilization of the software tool. 

Here are some case studies

Selecting a New Digital Marketing Tool

We have completed several missions in which we assisted our clients in the selection process of a new software. More specifically:

  • Prior to the selection of a new software, we work with our clients to identify and get a better understanding of their industry (study of business models) to determine the software providers that are most likely to correspond with the needs of our client.
  • We also assist large organizations in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Our client relies on our expertise in the RFP navigation process for a detailed and objective evaluation of the product and offer. We encourage all relevant parties in the organization (business, IT, purchasing, legal) to intervene at the best possible moment of the selection process, thus facilitating the final decision.

Here are some case studies

Software License Management and Budget Optimization

We have accompanied several of our clients on two main types of software management missions:

  •  SaaS Management and its advantages for large organizations such as better control of data and usage, as well as substantial savings on the overall costs of their software licenses.
  • “Cost Killing”: renegotiating directly with vendors to lower the annual bill.

Here are some case studies

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Jérémie Clément

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