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Find out more about Martech-Challenges and

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At Saas Advisor, we believe that marketing, digital and communications professionals need greater clarity when it comes to the software they use. As Social Data is one of our areas of expertise, we have created several communication operations around these technologies, with the aim of enlightening the market.

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We Compared the best Marketing Technology software and services based on “real life briefs & competition conditions”. On this 1st edition we addressed the “Social Listening Technologies” segment.

[2018] Some Key players in the Social Media Industry were either involved in Merger & Acquisition activities (ie Brandwatch & crimson, Linkfluence &, Ipsos and Synthesio, Meltwater & Sysomos , Cision & Falcon Social) or were acquired (Talkwalker, Mention).

In addition to internal changes, there were also major changes initiated by data providers (Shutdown of the Instagram API , and major changes in Twitter T&C’s) or legislators (RGPD).

This challenge aims to provide more clarity on the capability of each listening tool, and also deliver necessary information in order for the user to make an informed decision when choosing a platform.

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To maximize the efficiency of social rooms, businesses should choose platforms that align with their specific needs and ensure that team members are adequately trained on how to use these tools effectively.

Convinced that Social Rooms (also known as Social Hubs, Data Rooms, etc.) are the new 2.0 centers of excellence for managing customer relations, we have launched the website, where you will find interviews with the people in charge of these rooms at several major groups (Orange, Pierre Fabre, EDF, Transilien, etc.).

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