Customer case

Selecting a New Digital Marketing Tool

Four client case studies we can look at:

  • Luxury and High Fashion
  • FMCG
  • Insurance Group
  • Wine and Spirits

Our added value

We have extensive experience with software providers, both on the purchasing side and sales side. In addition, we have successfully developed very detailed evaluation grids for several different types of publishers where the criteria are weighted according to the objectives of our client. 

Some examples of the missions we have carried out for our clients

  •  Study of the forces at work (providers) in a given market
  • Defining objectives and constraints on the organizational level 
  • Internal usage audits
  • Creation of our custom evaluation grid 
  • Establishment of a “short list” of potential software providers
  • Navigation of the Request for Proposal process
  • Management of the client / provider relationship
  • Integration of recommendations for all departments
  • Evaluation of proposals received from software providers
  •  Organization of speeches/presentations
  • Budget negotiation 

Results and Benefits

✔ Save time in the entire communication and selection process with software providers

✔ Clarifying the complexities of a given software segment and reducing any perceived risk

✔ A better understanding of the market and a in-depth knowledge of providers and forces affecting the market

✔ No grey areas at the end of the process, a deep knowledge and understanding of the risks and benefits, which allows for an informed choice

✔ An optimized budget at the end of the process, between 30% and 50% less that initial offers

✔ Verification of future processes that are adaptable to the selected tool 

✔ Collection of data and potential insights corresponding to the group’s strategic objectives

✔ A collaboration of the organization’s key parties (business, IT, purchasing, legal) on the final choice and the chosen solution

Are you looking to equip your team with a certain type of software tool (CRM, Marketing Automation, Social Media, etc.)? Do you want to challenge your current software provider?

Jérémie Clément

Jérémie Clément

Directeur Associé - COO

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