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Software License Management and Budget Optimization

We have accompanied several of our clients on two main types of software management missions:

  •  SaaS Management and its advantages for large organizations such as better control of data and usage, as well as substantial savings on the overall costs of their software licenses.
  • “Cost Killing”: renegotiating directly with vendors to lower the annual bill.

There are three case studies we can examine:

  1. Pharmaceutical and Dermo-Cosmetic Group
  2. Child Clothing and Toy Company
  3. Agencies (Consulting, Digital)

Our Added Value

Our in-depth knowledge of many digital ecosystems within various organizations as well as our expertise in many different software markets that allow us to easily  identify possible optimizations.

Some of the missions we carried out for these clients:

  • Configuration and implementation of the SaaS Management tool
  • Mapping of known teams and tools
  • Mapping of all SaaS licenses
  • Interviewing and analyzing users 
  • Delivery of the preliminary recommendations document
  • Redefinition of the guidelines and tools used
  • Ongoing follow-up
  • Follow-up as time goes by
  • Management of (re)negotiations with publishers
  • Setting up a renewal schedule

Results and Benefits

✔ A “real” knowledge of all of the software used within the organization

✔ Substantial savings in the short, medium, and long term

✔ Added security and compliance 

✔ A roadmap for the future, a clearly defined process for tool acquisition and stack integration

✔ Setting up framework agreements, allowing for more flexibility and scalability

Do you have a reflection about your stack of tools? Want to learn more about the support we offer? 

L'équipe Saas Advisor

L'équipe Saas Advisor

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