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Hubspot Inbound Marketing Strategy Implementation

We have assisted our clients in the implementation of an inbound marketing strategy through the use of Hubspot, a marketing and sales software. 

When we talk about inbound marketing, we are referring to the methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. 

For this study, we will dive into the mission we completed with a top-level European sports club. Our client’s objective was to improve their popularity and better manage marketing efforts with more customized and targeted campaigns. 

In collaboration with the Sales, Marketing, Communication and Digital teams, Saas Advisor helped the club design an inbound marketing strategy and deployed the HubSpot Marketing software in order to launch highly targeted campaigns as easily as possible. 

Our Added Value

Our Hubspot certification, our understanding of business challenges, and above all, our in-depth and detailed knowledge of the world of CRM and marketing automation tools along with their related processes. 

Completed Missions

  • Definition of business objectives
  • Definition of targets and personas
  • Definition and implementation of campaign scenarios (when to contact, with which target, number of messages sent, etc.)
  • Definition of a customer journey
  • Creation of a flowchart allowing teams to be more comfortable with the essential steps when creating a campaign
  • Creation of a first campaign with the client 


  • More emails / messages sent with a calibrated message, to a more precise target
  • Faster re-subscription campaign completion
  • Increased ticket requests, quickened the “return to the stadium” effect
  • Strong support for the club store

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L'équipe Saas Advisor

L'équipe Saas Advisor

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